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The History of ENTEX Rust & Mitschke GmbH

1986: Machine get started
We’re writing the year 1986. Harald Rust is standing in the factory work room of Kunststoffwerke Förde. The trained toolmaker, model maker and later graduate engineer in production engineering has beads of sweat pouring off his forehead. He has just mounted the last part of his first commissioned work, a planetary roller extruder 150 with degassing.

But how to test such a machine when all plans have been developed in the home attic and no own production hall is available? The answer: not at all. All parts of the planetary roller extruder, which Harald Rust has just assembled here in the Förde-hall, have been produced externally at his own account – without the possibility to assemble the machine beforehand, much less to execute tests on it.

Now the moment has come. Harald Rust turns over the switch and … the extruder is running! Pats on the shoulder, handshakes, Harald Rust feels relieved.

Start of a career
Some weeks later. With a steady hand Harald Rust examines the correct running of the powder coating machine, which he has just converted for Tigerwerke in Austria.

When remembering the risky order for the Kunststoffwerke Förde he has to grin. What a great luck to stay now in the own production hall, equipped with two used milling machines and a boring machine. ENTEX Rust & Mitschke GmbH is officially established, at the beginning still in partnership with the trained mechanical technician Rolf Mitschke. Three staff members support the young company.

This is the beginning of a long career as head of the company.

2015: Long distances
Leap in time to the year 2015. Harald Rust takes rapid steps across the factory premises. He is looking for a guest who is registered for a factory tour and who is now en route somewhere on the site together with daughter Julia Rust. At 25.000 m2 company ground and 12.000 m2 halls and offices only a short telephone call is helping: “Julia, where are you?”“

Shortly after Julia Rust and the guest are turning around the corner. Julia Rust, having a degree as a business economist and being responsible for marketing and controlling at ENTEX, just informs the guest of the basic data of the company.

“Since the beginning in 1986 ENTEX GmbH has sold more than 850 machines and production lines. The original three employees have grown into a workforce of 130, seven of them are working in our branch office Shanghai in China. We have the worldwide largest product portfolio regarding plastic compounding. Also more than 100 applied and granted property rights in the range of plastic, food and many others more need to be considered.”

Looking forward to future as a family-owned enterprise

Also son Sebastian Rust is joining and introduces himself to the guest. Since completing his studies as mechanical engineer at the Ruhr University Bochum he is busy at ENTEX in the process technology. Harald Rust’s son-in-law, Ralf Kunitz, is working as well in the company as plant manager.

Thus the company has developed into a family-owned enterprise. Who would have thought it when Harald Rust worked on the plans for his planetary roller extruder in his home attic 30 years ago? With a smile Harald Rust says good-bye to the guest.
“Would you like to drink a coffee?”, he asks his two children. The future looks good. 



1986 foundation in Bochum-Stiepel
1986 leasing of the first partial area at the today's location, 400 m² office space, 500 m² production space
2001 enlargement on 1400 m² office space and 4000 m² production space, establishment of a technical centre with 400 m²
2013 opening of the dependence with adjacent technical centre in Shanghai
2014 completion of an additional office building with 650 m² and a production facility with 4000 m², including connection of a further technical centre at the location Bochum