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The art of the process technology lies in the elimination of steps

Over a period of 30 years, ENTEX looks back on a comprehensive development work and a range of products for nearly all industrial fields of application. From small laboratory extruders for test applications to the world's largest calender feeding line - we deliver extrusion lines specifically designed for our customers' needs. In this context also unusual routes are taken - thus extruders are not only produced in the conventional horizontal construction type, but also as vertical extruders.

For the implementation of customer-specific system concepts and manufacturing processes an experienced, interdisciplinary team of development and processing engineers is available which is working hand in hand with the construction and the production divisions.

Cooling and degassing, influence of the dwell times or drying and extrusion in one step - these are only some examples for the procedural milestones which have been achieved. Thus, the future of the Planetary Roller Extruder no longer lies in the classic PVC compounding but more and more in the chemical reaction technology, in the compounding of adhesives with all its rich facets, in the production of prepregs for the composites industry or in the processing of elastomers. Also the application in the food industry is an ever increasing topic - especially for the processing of bakery products, dairy products, starch and sugar, unexpected possibilities have been opened up. Due to the constant new and further development of formulations and processes in all sectors of industry also the demand for high-duty compounding aggregates like the Planetary Roller Extruder will enduringly increase. Benefit from our knowledge and our experience - use our innovative advantage!

In the recent years, several new fields of application for the Planetary Roller Extruder have been revealed. However, the realization and understanding of the machine's immense potential has just started - most of it is still waitung to be discovered. In order to rectify this, the research and further development of this unique system will be advanced at ENTEX in order to benefit together with you, our customers, from the vibrant technological progress of our time.