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Milestones since the Foundation

1986 first extruder with pressurized water temperature control
1989 pressurized water temperature control up to 270° C
1991 injection of softeners between feed cylinder and cylinder assembly
1992 erection of the first vertical eroding line
1993 invention of the first modular system
1997 injection of liquids at several modules
1998 radial pelletizing
1999 degassing rings
2000 divided dispersion ring
2001 world's largest chemical roller mixer with an internal diameter of 400 mm for the compounding of binding agents
2002 side feeding- and degassing
2003 planetary spindle in nap design
2004 swivelling roller and feed cylinder
2005 world's largest recycling roller mixer with an internal diameter of 650 mm

2006 first planetary roller reactor in the food range
2010 world's largest elastomer line with an output capacity of 6 t/h
2011 world's largest calender feeding line with an output capacity of up to 12 t/h
2012 at the extruder size 70 mm up to 12 modules (cylinder assemblies) can be connected in series
2013 planetary roller extruder for devulcanization of elastomer recyclates
2014 segmentation of cylinder assembly and central spindle
2015 planetary feeding cylinder (PFC) with eccentric feeding
2015 revolutionized torque transmission between gear and central spindle, increase of the line torque up to 30 %
2016 erection of the fourth vertical eroding line
2017 ERMO - degassing reaction module
2018 L-WE 30 for the pharmaceutical industry
2019 ENTEX-Thermodynamic up to 420C°

Advantages of the planetary roller system

1. repeated thin-layer rolling-out
2. most precise temperature control of all compounding systems
3. gentle material compounding
4. large processing bandwidth of most different materials
5. quick and trouble-free change of material
6. best self-cleaning effect, thus smallest waste quantities

7. modular construction
8. realization of delicate processes
9. ecological production with nearly no risk
10. cost-saving and high-quality production
11. sanitarily closed system