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The art of the process technology is in omitting of process steps - this we realize for you by means of the ENTEX planetary roller extruder

The principal item of the planetary roller extruder is an ENTEX planetary gear with an extreme toothing width and a helix of 45°. At the rotation of the central spindle the planetary spindles are rolling on the central spindle and the cylinder assembly and rotate like planets. During this process the material will be caught and by the plunge of the spindle teeth into the corresponding tooth space the material will be drawn-out into thin layers and brought forward by means of the helix. All steps of the development are based on the new production process of electrocarbon machining.

This modular extruder system with extremely thin wall thickness with possibilities of pressure and temperature measurement, injection of viscous components and the degassing between the modules allows compounding technology in new dimensions, unknown until now.

The variation in the diameter of the dispersion ring as well as the combination of the planetary spindles from module to module allows the adjustment of the extruder system to nearly every compounding process. The invention of radial pelletizing, based on the planetary system and use of the fundamental advantages of this system facilitate the thermally most gentle pelletizing technique. Based on the minimum possible L/D-ratio materials can now be pelletized which could not be pelletized before. Dissipation of energy into the material, caused by hole plates, can be nearly excluded.

These innovations are to your technical and economic advantage.

Field of application

The ENTEX Planetary Roller Extruder / Mixer has through research and developments, found acceptance in a wide area of applications over the past years.

Below is listed an assortment of products, processes and fields of application:

  • Food Processing, e.g. Grain roasting / malt process for use in alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks / processing of cacao-sugar masses / processing of meat – as well as bakery products / ice cream / processing of coffee-products etc.
  • Processing of animal food, e.g. Fish food / dog food
  • Processing cereals
  • Processing of rubbery chewy masses with flavors


  • Processing of Rigid to soft and paste PVC e.g. calendar feeding/pelletizing/coating process
  • Processing of thermoplastic plastics as well as alteration of the modular structure

  • Processing of master batches particularly in the area of highly filled applications e.g. pigments, aerosiles, carbon black and conductive carbon black

  • Production of Nano-Tubes, also with high parts of filler material

  • Manufacturing of duroplastic masses with varied parts and filling material

  • Manufacturing of Prepregs masses and masses with short reaction time

  • Processing of hyposcopic and thermoplastic materials und recycling materials among vacuum incl. vacuum dosing unit (e.g. PET-material) Saving of complex pre-drying processes

  • Processing of Linoleum-masses

  • Processing of expanded thermoplastic plastics

  • Nano filled formulations

  • Processing of bitumen masses (e.g. carpet back, stretch marks for road making and plant construction)

  • Manufacturing of foam materials based on thermoplastic plastics

  • Processing of elastomeric formulations (e.g. Natural rubber, EPDM, SIS) and materials of different compositions as well cross-linking of granulated surfaces and direct cross-linking

  • Devulkanisation processes in the area of EPDM and Natural rubber, particularly for the processing of rubber wastes

  • Processing of all adhesives, e.g. based on elastomeric, thermoplastic plastics formulation
  • Processing of thermoplastic elastomere masses (e.g. TPO)

  • Use as cooling extruder for high-viscosity liquids

  • Powder coating processes based on all resins (epoxy, polyester, and acrylic), which are commercially available. Special advantages in the area of thin layer and low temperature processes, as well as processing of aspiration material
  • Processing of powdery pigment dipping

  • Processing in the area of chemical reaction processes of either endothermic und exothermic reactions
  • Processing of detergent-formulations

  • Use as degassing extruder and thin layer evaporation

  • Polymerisationen
  • Linking processes
  • Modification of polymers by controlled chain degradation or pfrophpolymerisation

  • Processing of Wood Plastic Composites, particularly with high portions of wood, 70-80 % and fiber strengthened materials (up to 80 %)
  • Processing of cellulosic materials

  • Processing of paper / recycling paper with additives

  • Processing of natural fiber e.g. hemp with polymer

  • Processing of hydrophobic und lipophobic substances in the area of the pharmaceutical Industry, as well Starch processing
  • Processing of sludges with addition of liquid components (e.g. Tenside, plastic waste, oil) for a later thermic use in the combustors

Please find below an excerpt of the ENTEX application area for download, view or print in PDF format.