Chemistry - challenging and successful at the same time

In times of increasing logistic costs, it is a must that big chemical plants produce and distribute directly into the market. That means, breaking with these costs and creating smaller and more flexible units. Towards the motto that the art of the process technology is in omitting of process steps. For this ENTEX has developed the modular system.

Presently up to 8 modules are belonging to this modular system. These modules are used for injection, mixing, transportation and degassing. ENTEX has developed a multitude of planetary spindles and planetary spindle combinations by means of which dwell time, transport, intensity of mixing and energy transfer can be varied. The patented multifunctional designed intermediate stop rings between the modules enable the measurement of temperature and pressure, the injection of several liquid components as well as the degassing in particular areas. Also the combination of interconnected vertical extruders can be used in our technical centre as well as the patented back venting degassing.

A planetray roller extruder for the chemical industry does not need to be horizontal, but can also be designed vertically for the processing of Prepregs. This is reasonable when processing a high portion of liquids.