ENTEX forces the progress in the blending and production of powder coatings
- as well as clear varnish

Since the foundation ENTEX has sold more than 100 planetary roller extruders to the colour and powder coating production. Apart therefrom the planetary roller extruder has been the first well working extruder for the powder coating range at the end of the fifties / beginning sixties. Even today, its compounding quality is indisputable. High performance inks for the production of bank notes and document colours belong to its range. In the colour and powder coating technology the planetary roller extruder offers the widest field of application of all compounding systems.

Our latest developments in the material and spindle technology made the planetary roller extruder to an even more economic compounding machine. Also fine dust, e.g. aspiration material, can be processed again to essentially valuable products in the planetary roller extruder.

Of course, our offer of cooling conveyors - compact and conventional - is an enlargement of this programme. Volumetric ENTEX dosing units,  in solid execution, complete our programme for this range. Printing inks and wax pastes are processed as well with our machines.