ENTEX the planetary roller extruder - the key to mild food processing

The task is to disperse the components of the formulation homogeneously whereas the foods are to be compounded sensitive, gentle and under extreme temperature constancy. A multitude of discontinuous mixing processes is existing further on. It is a further major task of the planetary roller extruder to transfer these into continuous processes. The advantage of this system is the thin-layer rolling-out with the generation of large surfaces at a minor shear energy, connected with the most exact temperature control of all comparable extruders, new economic concepts for foods are occurring.

The future belongs to the continuous compounding by means of the planetary roller extruder, i. e. compounding of foods in a closed system, aseptic and sterile. Domains like cacao-sugar-dispersion, ice cream or baby food belong to the day-to-day business. Other domains like cereals, the protein modification or compounding of sugary basic materials to comprimates are belonging as well to the performance range.

FI-WE 70/1200-M3 for the food industry