ENTEX the planetary roller extruder - scale for plastic

Since over 60 years the planetary roller extruder is in use for the compounding of thermal critical PVC formulations. The planetary roller extruder was significantly involved in the triumphal procession of the packing films and the technical films made of PVC. Out of the aggregate for PVC films and powder coatings arose today an extrusion system for the processing of PVC, TPO, PE, PP and all other polymers as well as elastomers, adhesives, food and chemical processes.

Our new developments brought our customers into market leader positions. Whether Prepregs, recycling, rubber, plastics, adhesives or shrink films as well as chemical reactions, our production lines make our customers yet bigger. The great advantage: by purchasing this production line you are, with regard to the process technique, equipped very well for the future and all further developments. Tomorrow you have to change the process, you have bought the production line today or even 50 years ago. Due to the ENTEX technology processes, also old production lines are extendable to the today's state-of-the-art, provided the torques will suit.

The modular system "planetary roller extruder" suits always. For example, the TP-WE 250 out of the past can be equipped with an extrusion part TP-WE 280 S. S stands for heavy series, enlarged module 3,5 to 5,5, thus the approx. 3-fold wear volume. Due to this step more wear-resistant materials become possible.

TP-WE 280S/2000 M2 mit 2 t/h für PVCp