The perfect roller is a symbiosis of thermodynamic and strength depending on shape

The production of films is submitted to a constantly increasing competition. A progressive globalization and new materials increase the requirements on quantity and quality of the products.

ENTEX has recognized this in time. With technical know-how we develop for our customers successful production lines for the future. Not only the ideal compounding in front of the calender belongs to this, but also an optimal processing in the calender. Especially for this ENTEX has developed the thermoroll.

In the calender range an ENTEX thermoroll means shorter initiation times, higher running speeds and lower tendency to stick at higher speeds - simply a higher efficiency.

Our customers and we know this as the first thermorolls for the calender range are working successfully since over ten years, not only in Germany but world-wide.

Thus, the ENTEX thermoroll in total steel design is pointing the way to new processing techniques and replaces peripheral bored rolls for the calender range.