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ENTEX combines efficient thermodynamics with the perfect extrusion technology


An efficient and precise temperature control is of crucial importance for the extrusion processes. It greatly determines not only the product quality but also the production economy.
In the case of temperature-sensitive plastics as well as in products that are extruded in high-temperature areas, heating-cooling becomes increasingly complex and, with different temperature zones, more and more demanding.
Exactly in this discipline lies one of the special strengths of the planetary roller extruder. Due to the significantly more precise temperature control, essentially shorter heating times and thus considerably lower energy losses as well as the possibility of efficient cooling, ENTEX uses liquid-based heating-cooling systems instead of electric heaters from the very beginning.
The inner liner with its flights and toothing forms the basis of a unique heating-cooling possibility. Due to the toothing of the cylinder assembly, the stability also results in high rolling forces and a surface for good heat transfer. The variation of the modules and the spindles allow a unique temperature control in every roller module  - Thus, every process can be controlled! Because of these process characteristics it is necessary for us to develop a new generation of heating-cooling devices.
By separating the temperature control circuits and the expandability of the procedural necessity of a heating or cooling circuit, a particularly effective utilization of energy is possible. Depending on the process factor, the heating or cooling circuit can be used with primary energy and not with secondary energy (electrically) as common today.
That's the efficiency of the temperature control of the future!