Composite material WPC

The market for WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) is growing and there is an enormous potential for profile producers, construction companies, compounders and manufacturers of appropriate equipment. ENTEX takes up this challenge and offers a compounding system with planetary roller extruder that can incorporate up to 80% of wood fibre into the raw material.

The temperature sensitivity of the wood component is a major challenge when standard extrusion and injection moulding machines are used. For instance, the planetary rollers have a five times larger contact-surface area than a conventional twin screw extruder which allows a very gentle mixing of the material. This also contributes to one the most exact temperature controls compared to other compounding systems. In addition the system offers a large processing window of different thermoplastic materials and allows a fast and trouble-free change of material. The whole system comes in a modular design and can consist of up to eight modules, depending on the output and application.