One extruder. Infinite possibilities.

A short overview of the many areas of application for our Planetary Roller Extruders.

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA)

    Solvent-free mastication and homogenisation with ENTEX equipment. Targeted and precisely controlled reactions guarantee the same homogeneity and viscosity throughout the extruded material.

  • Hotmelt (solvent-free)

    Targeted meltability of different formulation components, extremely short compounding times of just a few minutes, effective cooling over a short distance, and a low-shear and material-friendly compounding process: the Planetary Roller Extruder can do it all.

  • Chemicals

    Innovative mixing and reaction units from ENTEX encompass multiple process steps – significantly shortening the procedure. Temperature control, pressure measurement and degassing are all brought together in a single, coherent process structure.

  • (Bio-) Plastics

    Continuous processing, gently processing temperature-sensitive materials, excellent material quality, high-performance degassing, efficient self-cleaning, diverse processing possibilities. All of this is on offer from ENTEX extruders for (bio-) plastics.

  • Recycling

    With outstanding homogenisation, precision temperature control, systematic process reactions, effective degassing, a material-friendly compounding process and effective cooling, we do more than think green. We act. ENTEX: Protecting future generations.

  • Conventional PVC extrusion

    Be it flooring or garden furniture, pioneering technology from ENTEX is the best choice for compounding and granulating thermally sensitive materials.

  • Direct PVC extrusion

    Producing dry blends was expensive. Now it is no longer necessary. Save time, energy and money with continuous direct extrusion from ENTEX. Also suitable for rigid PVC (uPVC).

  • Rubber and elastomers

    Process all formulation components in a single step thanks to optimised tempering. Move away from discontinuous processing – with continuous processing you can enjoy the same excellent material quality throughout the process while being able to take advantage of a large number of processing possibilities.

  • Silicone

    Enjoy a technological advantage – by achieving desired viscosities more quickly, optimising dwell time control and employing high-performance degassing. Innovative, reactive extrusion process systems from ENTEX for your premium products.

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