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Special Applications? - No problem with the planetary roller extruder

For example the processing of sludges:

Sludges contain impurities in the form of stones, rubble or similar which can damage the supply and conveying aggregates of the combustors. With regard to fluidized combustion lines there is the risk of unscheduled breakdowns of the line in case such impurities are supplied to this line. In order to supply sludges to the thermal disposal a specific compounding is required.






The solution:

  • After a primary screening of bigger parts the impurities will be adjusted to the required particle size by comminution.
  • For this the planetary roller extruder technique used in other industrial sectors was applied for the use of sludges.
  • By means of this continuous compounding procedure homogeneous material streams are produced which correspond without shares of loss to the mechanical requirements of the downstream disposal route.
  • By dosing of liquid waste material the planetary roller extruder can be operated with low wear.
  • The result of this conceived innovation is the worldwide biggest, ever produced planetary roller extruder.