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The ENTEX system is enriched by a further element – ERMO (degassing reaction module) is a world innovation that further enhances the efficiency and versatility of the ENTEX planetary roller extruder.
This latest addition to the modular system of ENTEX offers a significantly increased process chamber volume in comparison to the conventional cylinder assembly of the respective series.
It has been developed specifically for degassing applications. Here, free large-scale process surfaces and generously dimensioned flow cross-sections are decisive. ERMO maximizes these aspects without significantly changing the size of the extruder.
But the advantages of ERMO can also be used for the addition of fillers with particularly low bulk density – also here, the largest possible free cross sections are needed for the supply of such materials.
Another example of application are processes in the field of reactive extrusion. For their successful execution an extension of the dwell time or an enlargement of the reaction surface or of the volume are required.
Like all other components of the modular ENTEX system, several ERMOs can be used in series or at separate positions of a production line – in addition, there are various supplementary options such as side feeder, injection and degassing openings.

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In order to control the production conditions in the extruder process section the process parameters are controlled by different measuring devices. For example, melt pressure sensors and melt temperature sensors can be used to measure, display, control and record the required process parameters pressure and temperature to control the process.

But also a permanent monitoring of the colour continuity of the extrudate, for example for plastics or food, is necessary during the process by using special inline colour measuring probes. Colour continuity measurement is an effective tool for monitoring the consistent quality of the extrudate. Ultimately, all process parameters are defined by the temperature and intensity of the mixing process.

In the past, in most cases offline measurement methods with manual sampling were used for quality monitoring. Due to various work steps, the measurement results were available with a great time delay, which meant that there were major delays from taking the samples to reporting the measurement results to production.

Inline colour measurement with spectrophotometric probes directly in the melt allows continuous monitoring of the extrusion process at various points of the process section to ensure a consistent quality.
The data of the measuring probes are displayed on the operator panel as a trend diagram in the form of a curve. The deviation of the actual colour tone value from the setpoint value is displayed both graphically and in numerical values. The continuously generated trend curves enable the control system to counteract systematic deviations promptly. Processes with planetary roller extruders are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Typical applications for the inline colour measuring system are, for example, the production of masterbatches, pharmaceutical products and foodstuffs as well as compounding processes. For machines of the 21st century, such possibilities of process monitoring are indispensable.

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One Planetary roller extruder replaces 28 twin screws
with respect to the gaps between the kneading elements!

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