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“We have been using a number of ENTEX planetary roller extruders and thermo rollers at our plant in Weißbach for many years now, and we have been particularly impressed by ENTEX’s outstanding service. ENTEX thermo rollers are also worthy of note – they increased our productivity by as much as 30 % when we introduced them.“

  • Dieter Schellmann, Production Manager – Production Calender Film, Weißbach Plant
  • Konrad Hornschuch AG – Continental Group
  • “With its precise temperature control and low-shear product handling, the ENTEX planetary roller extruder holds tremendous potential for the manufacture of creamy products. We have been impressed by its gentle, low-shear processing and excellent thermal transfer. Its ability to quickly cool a product to the desired temperature or even to deep freeze it is amazing. With these capabilities, the ENTEX planetary roller extruder is practically predestined to be used for the production of products such as ice cream and chocolate masses – each of which are very sensitive materials.“

  • Dr. sc. ETH Volker Lammers, Head of Research Platform Process Engineering
    Dipl.-Ing. Juliette Rudzick, Project Engineer
  • DIL – German Institute of Food Technology e.V.
  • “The planetary roller extruder (PRE) from ENTEX made it possible for us to optimise our process engineering for a number of our innovative products. The PRE was ideally suited to reactive extrusion and its technical concept was exactly what we needed.”

  • R&D Team Hotmelts, Coating & Adhesive Resins
  • Evonik
  • “tesa has been successfully working with ENTEX for more than 25 years now. The ENTEX planetary roller extruder’s outstanding homogenisation performance is especially important for our adhesives. We also value being able to draw on the wealth of process engineering expertise on offer at ENTEX’s testing facility in Bochum. The ENTEX planetary roller extruder provides us with optimum homogenisation and temperature control – and it does so over a short processing length.“

  • Stefan Schmidt, Head of Supply Network
  • tesa SE
  • “For over sixty years we are a point of reference in PVC calendered films production and marketing. The Planetary Roller Extruder from ENTEX is the first choice for PVC extrusion. We particularly appreciate the separate control of thermal and mechanical energy.“

  • Dr. Raffaele Della Bella, General Manager
  • Mondorevive S.p.a.
  • “We have been successfully collaborating with ENTEX for many years now so that we can take advantage of the process engineering necessary to maintain the high quality of our products and make our ideas a reality.
    The ENTEX planetary roller extruder makes good use of its strengths for film extrusion, delivering continuous, material-friendly thin rolling and top-notch temperature control.“

  • Sven Behrendt , Member of the Executive Board
  • “The Planetary Roller Extruder from ENTEX is ideal for the extrusion of PVC. Both the feeding and the technical concept have sustainably inspired us.“

  • Asher Naim, CEO
  • Erez Thermoplastic Products Agriculture Cooperative Association Ltd
  • “megawood® is Europe’s market leader in the manufacture of polymer-bound wood material for building terraces. It is only by using ENTEX planetary roller technology that we are able to achieve a wood fibre component in the polymer matrix of as much as 80 percent. The planetary roller extruder is excellently suited to wood-polymer extrusion. We were particularly impressed by ENTEX’s ability to put their process engineering to work in creating solutions. Here’s to continuing our successful collaboration!“

  • Dipl.-Ing. Holger Sasse, Managing Director
  • NOVO-TECH Trading GmbH & Co. KG
  • “As a leading international provider, we have been developing, producing and selling high quality rubber mats and linings since 1968. We rely on plant engineering from ENTEX to ensure that we are able to maintain the very highest standards. The planetary roller extruder is perfect for the production of our rubber compound. We have been impressed both with the compounding method and the compounding itself, and the material quality has been outstanding. Thanks to our collaboration with ENTEX, we have been able to implement an extremely efficient project development system.“

  • Franz Grünbacher, Leitung Head of Process Engineering
  • KRAIBURG Holding SE & Co. KG
  • “The Planetary Roller Extruder from ENTEX is excellently suited for chemical processing and the technical concept has convinced us in extrusion and feeding.”

  • Alberto Giannattasio, Project Engineer E-EVP/OPT
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