Strainer Series

Compounding and compression

High-pressure cleaning.

Our extrusion line in detail

ENTEX strainers are deployed to reliably remove impurities from plastics, adhesives and rubber compounds. Interchangeable filter screens make it possible to perform rapid cleaning while reducing production downtimes.
The ENTEX design features thin walls between the heating/cooling media and the material in the extruder cylinder. This allows for the precise temperature control necessary to process even sensitive materials like PVC and biopolymers.

We produce single-screw extruders in various sizes:

Screw diameter 150 mm 200 mm 250 mm 300 mm 350 mm
Drive power ~50 kW ~100 kW ~100 kW ~150 kW ~250 kW
Throughput 900 kg/h 1,200 kg/h 2,000 kg/h 3,500 kg/h >5,000 kg/h

(Figures shown for drive power and throughput are examples only and depend on the formulations and process engineering in each case)


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