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Compounding and
reactive extrusion

When it comes to extrusion, we don’t do things by halves.

The extrusion line for testing facilities

ENTEX Planetary Roller Extruder L-WE 70

Our “70” series extruders can be used for product development, process optimisation and the production of materials for customer samples. Every step in the process for production machines can be reproduced at pilot scale. The process section and machine frame are modular, making it possible to expand or reconfigure the system as necessary. Additional peripherals can be easily connected and integrated into the control system. To ensure the necessary material quality, the process is regulated by setting process parameters, recording throughputs and energy values, and measuring pressure and temperature amongst other things.

Technical specifications

Processing section length M1 - M8
Throughput Up to 300 kg/h
Drive power 47 kW
Extruder speed Up to 1,500 rpm
Drive torque 2.200 Nm
Max. process pressure 200 bar
Max. process temperature Up to 420 °C

Standard equipment

  • Control system
  • Gear motor
  • Process section
  • Sensor technology


Optional equipment

  • Temperature Control Units (TCUs)
  • Various process section lengths
  • Feed screw
  • Planetary feed cylinder
  • Planetary spindles
  • Stop rings, dispersion rings, toothed intermediate rings
  • Side feeder
  • Dosing units
  • Injection pumps
  • Degassing
  • Melt pumps
  • Nozzle heads
  • Radial pelletisers
  • Hot die-face pelletising
  • Underwater pelletising



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