PSA (Solvent-Free)

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When it comes to successfully producing and compounding pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA), there are several decisive factors: the targeted meltability of different formulation components, the precise control of reactions, an extruded material of equal homogeneity and viscosity, effective cooling of the adhesive mass and high degassing quality to optimise subsequent processing.


The solution: The ENTEX Planetary Roller Extruder

PSA stands for pressure-sensitive adhesives that form a permanent bond with the application of even slight pressure. With the continuous direct extrusion of pressure-sensitive adhesives, the challenge lies in combining various substances with different chemical and physical properties (or thermal and mechanical stress limits) according to a specific formulation. To do this, many established adhesive manufacturers employ the reliable compounding technology offered by the ENTEX Planetary Roller Extruder (PRE). Thanks to its individually configurable modular construction, the Planetary Roller Extruder can also handle the complex compounding processes required for pressure-sensitive adhesives.


Benefits of producing and compounding with the Planetary Roller Extruder


Typical areas of application

  • Adhesive tapes and films, sealing tapes
  • Retaining adhesives for composite materials
  • Assembly adhesives
  • Self-adhesive equipment
  • Labels and price tags
  • Book-binding adhesives

Our range of extruder series allows us to develop a unit that is precisely tailored to your product. Take a look to see which of our series might suit your needs.


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The pressure-sensitive adhesive compounding process

Here you can see an example of a system setup for an extrusion line.

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