(Bio-) Plastics

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When it comes to successfully producing and compounding plastics and bioplastics, there are several decisive factors: continuous processing, gently processing temperature-sensitive materials, excellent material quality, high-performance degassing, efficient self-cleaning, and diverse processing possibilities.


The solution: our Planetary Roller Extruder

The properties of the plastics depend in particular on the structure of the polymers (degree of cross-linking, chain length). As a raw material, polymers are a substance comprising numerous polymer molecules. These polymers are then supplemented with a wide range of additives (plasticisers, solvents, pigments, fillers, processing aids, stabilisers).
Bioplastics can refer to bioplastics, biologically degradable plastics, and bio-based polymers (biopolymers). Bio-based polymers are produced from renewable biomass feedstocks (e.g. sugar, starch, vegetable oils, cellulose). Thanks to their modularity and scalability, ENTEX Planetary Roller Extruders can perform all the process steps required for the production of plastics and bioplastics.

Benefits of producing and compounding with the Planetary Roller Extruder


Typical areas of application

  • Thermoplastic parts/components (household, automotive, construction industry, etc.)
  • Rubber/elastomers (shoe soles, automotive industry, mining, sealing technology, synthetic playing surfaces, etc.)
  • Thermosetting plastics (paints, coatings, claddings)
  • Biologically degradable plastic parts (household, disposable cutlery, packaging industry, etc.)


Do you have ideas for optimising processes or for new products?

Is your production process in need of optimisation? Are you looking to develop a new product? Our testing facilities allow us to address your individual needs and collaborate to create intelligent solutions for your requirements.

The (bio-) plastics extrusion process

Here you can see an example of a system setup for an extrusion line.

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