The ENTEX Planetary Roller Extruder – Modular, adaptable and flexible.

Revolutionary process engineering for your new products and production processes – customised to suit your individual needs.


Premium product quality thanks to gentle processing/ compounding

Reach the next level of process technology.
A decisive advantage: Continuous processing delivers consistently high product quality.
Unique: Thermal and mechanical energy are controlled separately. This means that temperature-sensitive materials can be processed and compounded in a particularly material-friendly manner.




Patented excellence

Benefits offered by the Planetary Roller Extruder

  • Modular design in which as many as 8 roller cylinders can be connected in series.
  • The ultimate in precision temperature control thanks to the ENTEX thermodynamic system and state-of-the-art production technology.
  • High cooling capacity for highly viscous products due to large surface area exchange.
  • Its process geometry gives the Planetary Roller Extruder approx. up to 10 times more surface area than other compounding systems.
  • Extremely high energy exchange for heating or cooling processes.
  • Larger process window as a result of the variation of feeding using a side feeder.
  • Optimum degassing possibilities.
  • High degree of dispersion with gentle compounding and low rotational speeds.
  • System boasts the best self-cleaning of all comparable compounding systems.
  • Outstanding product quality in the 1:10 batch range; i.e. the Planetary Roller Extruder does not have to be completely filled to achieve good results.
  • Rapid reproducibility and minimal waste when changing materials.

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