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Compounding and
reactive extrusion technology

When it comes to extrusion, we don’t do things by halves.

The ENTEX extrusion line

The configuration of the Planetary Roller Extruder is tailored to the individual production process. Thanks to a modular system that is able to accommodate each individual step in the process – such as material feeding, melting, mixing in, homogenisation, degassing, etc. – and corresponding peripherals, Planetary Roller Extruders can be used to perform, optimise or replace a wide range of production processes in the adhesives, plastics, rubber, chemicals and food industries. The modular concept makes a variety of process section lengths possible for all PRE unit sizes listed below. The maximum length in each case depends on the unit size, process, expected central spindle torques, and the materials used, and must be individually determined. Formulations are administered and process parameters set using the ergonomic control system, while the process is monitored by integrated sensors.

Technical specifications*

Processing section length M1 - M8
Throughput Up to 12,000 kg/h
Drive power Up to 2,300 kW
Extruder speed Up to 1,500 rpm
Drive torque Up to 240,000 Nm
Max. process pressure 200 bar
Max. process temperature Up to 430 °C

* Depending on the unit size and formulation – see table below


Standard equipment

  • Control system
  • Gear motor
  • Process section
  • Sensor technology


Optional equipment

  • Temperature Control Units (TCUs)
  • Various process section lengths
  • Feed screw
  • Planetary feed cylinder
  • Planetary spindles
  • Stop rings, dispersion rings, toothed intermediate rings
  • Side feeder
  • Dosing units
  • Dosierungen
  • Injection pumps
  • Degassing
  • Melt pumps
  • Nozzle heads
  • Radial pelletisers
  • Hot die-face pelletising
  • Underwater pelletising


Our extruder unit sizes – an overview

Different unit sizes offer different output rates/capacities (see table below). These are strongly dependent on the formulation and on the technical configuration.


Longer service lives with heavy-duty series

ENTEX’s ‘heavy-duty’ series of Planetary Roller Extruders is equipped with a larger gear module to deliver a longer service life while simultaneously reducing maintenance requirements. The heavy-duty series with larger teeth and a larger planetary spindle diameter is used for a variety of processes, including rubber processing, compounding with abrasive fillers, and for compounding when there is a high filler content, among other things.

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