Compounding and
reaction technology

The ENTEX quality standard.

Our extrusion line in detail

ENTEX single-screw extruders are often used in conjunction with ENTEX Planetary Roller Extruders as either an upstream or downstream stage in the process. An example of an upstream use is for feeding recyclates, while examples of downstream deployments include pressure build-up and discharge into moulds.
As with ENTEX Planetary Roller Extruders, the tempering takes place via fluid media. Thin walls between the tempering medium and the material in the cylinder enable excellent temperature control. Drawing on a wealth of Planetary Roller expertise, special screw geometries have been developed that are especially well suited to degassing volatile substances.
These can be deployed in various areas, including pressure build-up for the production of WPC (wood plastic composites) products, as degassing applications for EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) and adhesives, or for feeding edge film strips back into the production process.

Screw diameter 90 mm 120 mm 150 mm 300 mm
Drive power ~50 kW ~80 kW ~100 kW ~150 kW
Throughput 300 kg/h 500 kg/h 1,000 kg/h 3,500 kg/h

(Figures shown for drive power and throughput are examples only and depend on the formulations and process engineering in each case)


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