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  • Calender Rollers

    When it is the field of calendering, an ENTEX thermal roller offers faster start-up times and higher operating speeds coupled with reduced adhesion tendencies. The ENTEX design combines precise temperature control with optimised flatness over widths of up to 4,000 mm.

  • Strainer Series

    ENTEX strainers are deployed to reliably remove impurities from plastics, adhesives and rubber compounds. Interchangeable filter screens make it possible to perform rapid cleaning while reducing production downtimes.

  • Radial Pelletisers

    Even thermally sensitive materials can now be processed thanks to the material-friendly properties of our patented radial pelletisers. These are mounted directly to the Planetary Roller Extruder for low-shear processing.

  • Single-Screw Extruders

    ENTEX single-screw extruders are generally used in conjunction with ENTEX Planetary Roller Extruders as either an upstream or downstream stage in the process. An example of an upstream use is for feeding recyclates, while examples of downstream deployments include pressure build-up and discharge into moulds.

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