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The Planetary Roller Extruder offers various features that are decisive for successfully producing and compounding PVC using direct extrusion techniques. It is able to process all formulation components in a single step in a continuous process – eliminating the need for discontinuous steps, achieves excellent material quality through optimised tempering, and reduces the volume of raw material required.


The solution: our Planetary Roller Extruder

What makes direct extrusion an attractive option? The conventional PVC production technique is a discontinuous process in which multiple separate steps are necessary. As a result, the materials have to be heated repeatedly, giving them a higher temperature history. This leads to a need for a higher volume of stabilisers and to the creation of temperature hot spots in the melt that are a result of imprecise temperature control in the heating-cooling mixer process. The materials also occupy valuable storage space during the times between each step.
With direct PVC extrusion using a Planetary Roller Extruder, all of the raw materials are processed in a single step and fed into the process simultaneously using appropriate dosing and feeding units. The upshot: it is no longer necessary to produce a PVC dry blend beforehand. Thanks to its modularity and scalability, the ENTEX Planetary Roller Extruder can perform every process step required for the production of PVC.



Benefits of producing and compounding with the Planetary Roller Extruder


Typical areas of application

  • Cling films (food industry, catering)
  • Packaging, stickers, labels (packaging industry)
  • Trim, cladding (furniture industry, caravan industry)
  • Window profiles, wall coverings (construction industry)
  • Floor coverings, flooring (construction industry, interior design)



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The direct PVC compounding process

Here you can see an example of a system setup for an extrusion line.

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