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Science axis Italy – Germany

At the end of July 2023, Siegfried Lüchtefeld and Marie Kluitmann welcomed the two scientists Sara Haveriku and Marco Badalassi from iPOOL srl to the Technical Center II at ENTEX Rust & Mitschke GmbH to carry out a training programme for the laboratory roller extruder L-WE 30. ENTEX was able to win iPOOL srl from the Material Division as a strategic partner for future tasks.

iPOOL srl is a spin-off company of the Institute for Physical Chemical Processes of the CNR of Pisa (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), founded in 2011.
iPOOL srl is a globally recognized technology company specialized in the development and optimization of flame retardant and low-smoke compounds for cables, roofing membranes, ACP panels, pipes and rubber applications.

For further work at the institute in Pisa, it is planned to use the ENTEX laboratory roller extruder with the possibilities and advantages as a so-called laboratory compounding unit:

– Little space required due to compact design
– Simple and quick assembly and disassembly of the process section
– Many different processes section configurations possible in the shortest possible time
– Different feed options for solids and liquids of different viscosities
– Different degassing options
– Good self-cleaning compared to other compounding systems
– Enormous temperature range with very short heat-up and cool-down times, allowing many tests to be carried out in the shortest possible time
– Precise temperature control in individual temperature control zones
– Process data acquisition and evaluation software
– Possibility of scale-up to other sizes through direct data utilisation
– Possibility of using existing primary energy, e.g., temperature control systems, cooling water
– High energy efficiency and economy
– Output: approx. 0.5 – 5 kg/h (depending on recipe and process)
– Motor output: 10 kW
– Motor speed: 1500 rpm (max.)
– Control system: SIEMENS

Looking forward to future developments.

From left to right: Marie Kluitmann, ENTEX, Sara Haveriku and Marco Badalassi from ipool, Siegfried Lüchtefeld, ENTEX and Trainee Kajaani Kulanthaivadivelu from Technical University Dortmund 

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