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ENTEX production goes green

In the context of the energy crisis, global warming and out of responsibility towards the environment, we at ENTEX have decided to build a photovoltaic system on the company premises. It is a 650 kWp system which has already been installed over the last few months and will go online in about 6 weeks.

We expect a production capacity of more than 500,000 kWh per year, of which we can produce a large part of the electricity needed for production, administration and the newly installed charge points.
Comparatively, this amount of solar energy could fully charge about 5,540 e-cars.*
For us, this means not only a decrease in electricity consumption but also a large saving of CO2.
In 2021, the Germany-wide mixed value for fossil fuel emissions was 350 g CO2/ kWh. For our company, this means a potential saving of 175,000,000 g CO2.
We are looking forward to a bright, green future.

*Brand: “Tesla”, Model: ” Model 3″. Data according to manufacturer.

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